India Benefits Phenom believes you must love your job to be your best self. Phenom offers a wide range of benefits designed to help you and your family live your best life.

Life at Phenom is Pretty Phenomenal

Health  100% of your premium plus an HSA and FSA with employee contribution so you can stay as healthy as a horse!
Cellphone and WiFi Reimburcement
Cellphone and WiFi Reimburcement

$100 towards your phone bill and $50 towards your WiFi bill per month so you can send all the memes you can dream of.

On-Campus Yoga and Meditation
On-Campus Yoga and Meditation NamaSTAY at work on Mondays to take advantage of Phenom yoga in the afternoon and meditation in the morning!
Health & Wellness
Health & Wellness What the Health... $50 a month towards health and wellness!? 
Unlimited Vacation
Unlimited Vacation Unlimited time off so you can kick up your feet and relax when you need it. 
Weekly Catered Meals
Weekly Catered Meals We provide free breakfast on Mondays and lunches on Fridays, because who doesn't love free food?
401K Plan
401K Plan Money for the day we are all waiting for when we get to relax on the beach, all day, every day.
A LOT of Free Food
A LOT of Free Food Enough candy to satisfy a sweet tooth, plenty of coffee to keep you alert, and unlimited fruit to keep the doctor away.
Work Environment
Work Environment Standing desks, Mac computers, and phenomenal co-workers (We're really fun... we promise!)